5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Effectively Grow Your Business

Social media marketing is a must in today’s online business arena if you want to build your brand, capitalize on opportunities it presents, and get people talking about you – in a positive way. The social media marketing tips below are essential to the success you experience with social marketing. If you haven’t started yet, you’ll definitely want to get involved after reading these tips!


Taking no action will get you exactly nowhere; the social web helps you develop a reputation (hopefully a good one), and gain potential customers’ trust. So, where do you start?

First, determine what your goals are. What do you expect to get out of social media marketing? Decide whether your primary goal is to build a relationship with those who are in need of your product/service (as in building a list), or whether you want to generate direct sales. Maybe you’re simply trying to offer your services, if you are a service provider. Whatever it is, know what you want to achieve before you begin.


Create great content. You can really figure out what kind of content your audience is looking for by learning where they “hang out.” Does the group of people who would be most in need of your offer spend time on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? Once you can see what type of content they’re interested in, you can work on continuously creating amazing content that will pique their interest again and again. This will help you build a loyal following!


Spend only 20% of your time self-promoting. I know, you would love to just promote, promote, promote – but that doesn’t work with social media, and will likely backfire on you. If you will spend a maximum of 20% of your time promoting your product/service or company and 80% being helpful and simply engaging in conversation, you’ll see great success.


Remember that quality is more important than quantity. Sure, everyone would love to have 20,000 followers – but it’s more important to have loyal followers who are highly engaged and loyal, even if the number of followers is far fewer than you would like. Don’t get hung up on numbers; concentrate more on giving those who are loyal what they’re looking for.

Avoid a hit-and-miss approach. It’s important with social media that you stick to a schedule; what you don’t want to do is spend half the day on social networking one day, then skip the next two or three days. You want to give your social media marketing activities attention each day, so allocate what times during the day will be best for you to devote a few minutes to your marketing, and stick to it. For instance, you may want to devote 10 minutes twice per day to Facebook, 5 minutes to Twitter. Choose a specific time of the day to set aside for these activities, and do it.


The internet is ever evolving, and things change at lightning speed. The most important thing you can do to be successful with social media marketing is to keep learning! I hope these 5 social media marketing tips will be of good use to you, helping you grow a long list of loyal customers.


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4 Advantages of Hiring an Experienced Plumbing Contractor

We can find plenty of plumbing companies, contractors, and professionals in the market. Every company or contractor has its own experience level and repute. Some of them are very old in the industry, but still struggling to achieve the desired level of reputation. Some of the companies do not have years of experience but still doing pretty good. In this situation, it becomes very difficult for residents and businesses to hire a reliable plumber.


The rise in technology influences every industry in the business. Plumbing is not an exception. Recently introduced plumbing technologies such as digital inspection cameras, sensor systems, and ultra premium toilets have totally changed the outlook of modern plumbing as a profession. In coming few years, technology would be an important part of plumbing systems. Moreover, a plumber, unaware of latest plumbing technologies, would feel it difficult to survive in a competitive market.


An expert plumbing contractor can bring life to your home. Therefore, you should be careful while hiring a plumber for inspection, repair, installation, and replacement. Here are 4 advantages of hiring an experienced and dependable plumbing company or professional.


  1. Long-term solutions


It is not a pleasant experience to have a plumbing issue on a busy day. It can disturb your daily routine. Hiring a reputable plumbing contractor and using high-quality fixtures can keep your premise out of trouble. Therefore, be wise while installing and designing a plumbing system for your premise. It is surely a long-term solution that would save your time and money.


  1. Satisfactory completion of a project


An inexperienced plumber is unlikely to understand the more advanced plumbing issues in detail. This can cause complications in long-term. Professionally trained plumbers are well aware of expected issues that can pop up at the time of installation or repair. Build a flawless water system to stay out of trouble.


  1. Better customer care


There are professionals in the market who do care about their customers. Taking good care of customers is key to building a successful business. A reputed plumber knows how to deal with customers and how to earn their trust.


  1. Environmental-friendly solutions


A good plumbing contractor always suggests and carries out environmental-friendly plumbing procedures which are crucial in saving residents and community from diseases. Unsafe processes, such as careless handling of drainage and obstructions, can be harmful to residents. By hiring a considerate plumbing contractor you can save money, time and health of your family.


Preston’s  Plumbing, a team of plumbers in Oxford, has been serving the residents with dependable plumbing solutions.



Handling Personal Injury Incidents Due to Plumbing Incidents

Before anything else, it is important to define what exactly catastrophic injury entails. It refers to any harm obtained that as a result or consequence has caused the individual or the victim to lose his capability to perform work. This usually happens without warning and has resulted to the suffering of a person from being permanently disabled or incapable of performing any profitable tasks for the rest of his or her life. The effects of this kind of damage are long-term on the victim. It puts a serious problem on the victim and the family of the victim since it has caused them to need supervision and assistance for their loved one, while they are impaired of financial stability because of the loss of the victim’s capability to work.

There are a number of circumstances that could result to these types of injuries. If it has a huge impact on the lives of the people that experience the incident, and the impact is paralyzing in all aspects. Basically, the central nervous system of the victim is the area that was ruined by the impact, which can usually be attributed to spinal cord or burn injuries. As a result, it affects other areas of the body causing the incapacity to function normally. Some of the most common of these are:

  • Foot injury
  • Back injury
  • Neck injury
  • Organ damage
  • Spinal and neurological disorders
  • Brain injury
  • Bone fracture
  • Head trauma
  • Accidental amputation
  • Eye injury
  • Shoulder injury
  • Severe burns

One of the possible places that these things could happen is during a plumbing repair project. I was fortunate to talk to a company called CMAC Plumbing** and they were able to share how they handle these kinds of incidents whenever it occurs. It was great to know that a company has high regard for each and every plumber that works for them, and provides them the legal assistance they need, should they ever find themselves in situations like a catastrophic injury incident. In fact, the company provides them the lawyer they need to handle the incidents like this.


You can file for a lawsuit in this area if you have been a victim of negligent or intentional injuries, committed by another individual, or even by a defective product. Filing for this lawsuit if you fell victim to such cases will be essential in helping you live your life given that the accident has caused you your capability to work. How much your attorney can settle your case with will determine the quality of life you will be living in, as supported by the settlement, which should include your medical care and other support that you may need. With cases like catastrophic injury, determining the value of your claim is very important in gaining a settlement that will resolve the damages done to you and support you for your remaining years.


**Company websites for your reference:





Always Choose Quality Service Over Cheap Service

It is understandable that people are very skeptical about things that they need and do not need. People have to learn these things in order to wisely spend their money on. Given the economic crisis, people have started to learn the importance of proper budgeting and choosing the things that are necessary over the things that are not as important. While some are privileged enough to live a more carefree lifestyle, many are struggling through get through everyday living with whatever income they have.

It is for this matter, the constant need to cut-cost, that has sometimes lead people to making the wrong decisions and making them spend even more than they could afford to do so in the first place.

One great example about this is how my co-worker, Mary, had to spent twice as much as necessary, in order to get her roof fixed.

She started seeing that her roof has been leaking, only to find that there are already several holes in them. At first, she was hesitant because repairing the roof could only mean slashing off the budget, since roof repair is not a regular part of her family’s regular routine of bills and grocers and other expenses. However, seeing that the roof badly needs to be repaired, she called the shots and had a roofing company come over and fix the problems. She hired a cheap roofing company. They offered very cheap rates that it was too good to be true. But, they were there and they were pretty convincing so Mary let them handle the roofing job. She just wanted the roof fixed at the lowest possible expense and the company seemed to be an answer.

However, after a few weeks from the time that the company fixed the roof, holes, bigger this time, started showing up again. Also, debris were starting to fall off and she was beginning to feel sick. She could not afford to get sick at a time when they just juggled their funds for the roof repair. When the problem persisted, she felt in her heart that she was tricked and she was really mad because it may have been cheap, but it was still a cut out of the budget of the family.

Wanting to put an end to the terrible situation, she decided to call for a more reputable roofing company. They offered reasonable rates that were quite pricey compared to the cheapskate that scammed her, but still, they were reasonable enough considering that the company has sworn to use quality materials and have qualified and expert roofers handle the roofing issues.

The company, who was also known and reputable for its water damage restoration services, although just a tad bit more expensive, was able to give a service that made sure she never had to worry about major damages in her roof ever again.

Lesson? It pays when you spend a little for things that are important and could give you longer profits, rather than staying aloof and suffer constant damages.


Importance of License When Hiring Expert Roofers and Plumbers

We all know that when we deal with outside sources for either our roofing or plumbing needs, we have to firstly find out if the company we are hiring is licensed to render the services they offer.

There are several licenses that these companies should have in order for clients to be sure that they are the real deal.

Firstly, their business should have a contractor’s license. This license assured clients that they have undergone protocol and all other trade-specific tests that denote their capability to render the services they offer with quality and knowledge on the craft.

Secondly, they should have certifications on numerous training, the most important of which is the safety training for their roofers and/or plumbers. Safety is an utmost concern when it comes to installation and repair, and clients should know that the crew members of the company are all knowledgeable of handling difficult roofing and plumbing situations in the safest way possible.

Lastly, the company should have liability license. This license states that at a time of unfortunate events, the clients have nothing to do with any damage or injury that the roofers or plumbers might encounter during the time they are rendering their services in the client’s house or establishment.

Hiring a company with these different licenses and certifications will tell you that you are hiring a legitimate company. This will also be your means of knowing just how capable these roofers and plumbers are and just how well-skilled they are in the field.

If you hire a company without these things because they offer a cheaper bargain, you are putting your home and your family in danger because chances are, companies without licenses will not give you quality services. They might also end up causing you more expenses if ever they fall into an accident while repairing your home and they do not have liability licenses. They could ask that you pay them for the damages and things could get ugly and complicated.

Hence, always put credibility above everything else when hiring a company, and all other important aspects such as quality, will follow.

licensed roofers and plumber

Image Credit: commerce.wa.gov.au


Importance of Owning Realty NOW

Suze Orman, a financial adviser and host of “The Suze Orman Show,” once said:

Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.

This quote pretty much sums up the reason why NOW is always the right time to invest in a property.

To contextualize, NOW here does not necessarily mean today (although it is very much acceptable to do just so). NOW in the real estate world is almost like “always” or “immediately.”

Simply put, it is always a good time to invest in realty because it is the best and most useful investment one could ever have. Once you have the financial capacity to invest, get into the business immediately. There is no right or wrong moment to invest in real estate because every moment is an opportunity waiting to be taken.

If it will be your first time, start on a basic property – a house. This is a basic realty that everyone should be aiming to invest in. Owning your own home not only means you get to provide your family something that you actually own, but you also make sure that in the long run, you will have something to make money out of, by selling it for a great re-sale value.

Some people are always saying, “I’ll invest next time,” followed by several reasons why they are too scared to invest NOW. While reasons may be valid, what is not valid is prolonging your chance to get into the market as soon as possible.

Remember that amidst all the problems our country have, even when economic growth seems stagnant, the real estate industry continues to thrive because more and more people are having the financial capacity to enter it. If you leave yourself behind because of fears, then you might regret getting into the business a little too late.

If you are still scared despite the many good signs to invest NOW, you can always consult with a real estate agency. Search for reputable agencies in your local area and present to them your status. Hear them out and understand what they have to say regarding your capacity to invest in a house. Just make sure that you are with an agency that will give you the real talk, and not smooth talk you into buying a property without you completely understanding the financial implications.

Research is also key. Look up the trends, and check out house listings in your area and see if the price ranges are well within your capacity.

At the end of the day, you alone can tell if you are ready, take the leap with caution and you can be sure that you will be bound for financial success.


Story of the Day: Hiring Professional Roofers and Plumbers

Roofers and Plumbers

Image Credit: jobsfortradesmen.com

I just had an encounter with a roofer and a plumber because my home had issues in these field. The incident made me realize that it really is better to leave these things to experts rather than try and attempt to “fix” it yourself.

If you are experiencing roofing and plumbing difficulties right now and you’re attempting to find methods to fix the difficulties yourself, then you definitely ought to read on and discover why it’s such a poor idea to do precisely that.


Roofing and plumbing isn’t an easy job. It includes hazards and it requires muscular strength as well as psychological ability to learn and comprehend how the issue should be handled by you. Skilled roofers and plumbers have gotten series of training only to make sure that they know and understand the ways on how to make each and every roofing and plumbing action safe and injury-free. On your own, you wouldn’t know any of these, and a really high possibility is which you would wind up creating more harm to the roof or the pipelines, or worse, end up injuring yourself. Contemplate not simply your security, but also the safety of your home and the security of other folks that live in it.


More than other things, the caliber of the roofing material and the effectiveness of the roofing and plumbing system can only be given by expert and licenses professionals of the field.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

Money does not only come in the form of cash, but also in time and other valuable assets that could be wasted if you try to do things on your own. By hiring professionals, you also save time, thus, cutting costs. Hiring specialists to do the job continues to be the cheapest approach to take simply because they already have the the equipment necessary to get the job done, unlike in the event you do it in your own where you must purchase tools as well as materials.


Why I Chose a Profession in the Real Estate Business

One of the many questions I had to answer too many times during my younger years is why I chose a career in the real estate business.

To which I always reply, why not?

I mean, I felt that I had what it takes to be a real estate agent and so I tried to apply for a license which I passed through hard work.

Real Estate business

Image Credit: apollofinds.com

To be honest, when I first started out, it was not easy. I was a newbie in a world where most of my competitions already had a large network of clients and had a long list of houses ready for sale. It was a difficult world to circulate in and penetrate because the competition is tough and the clients these days are very skeptical and picky when investing in real estate properties. Well, I cannot really blame them, given the unstable economy and knowing how difficult it is to gain a financially stable status.

But, despite all the hardships that this business entails, and the great challenge that real estate agents have to face, I decided to pursue it because I knew that if I did great, not only will I be helping people own their dream houses, but I would also be able to gain financial security in a faster way. All I had to do was make sure that I was honest and decent in all my transactions with clients, and that I deliver papers legally so as to avoid tarnishing the reputation I am starting to build.

After years of perseverance, I was finally able to build a steady network of clients, house listings, and even of reputable service companies necessary in home building – roofing companies, plumbing services, landscaping, etc.

Now that I am retired, I will always look back and say that my entering the real estate business was the best career choice I ever made.