Why I Chose a Profession in the Real Estate Business

One of the many questions I had to answer too many times during my younger years is why I chose a career in the real estate business.

To which I always reply, why not?

I mean, I felt that I had what it takes to be a real estate agent and so I tried to apply for a license which I passed through hard work.

Real Estate business

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To be honest, when I first started out, it was not easy. I was a newbie in a world where most of my competitions already had a large network of clients and had a long list of houses ready for sale. It was a difficult world to circulate in and penetrate because the competition is tough and the clients these days are very skeptical and picky when investing in real estate properties. Well, I cannot really blame them, given the unstable economy and knowing how difficult it is to gain a financially stable status.

But, despite all the hardships that this business entails, and the great challenge that real estate agents have to face, I decided to pursue it because I knew that if I did great, not only will I be helping people own their dream houses, but I would also be able to gain financial security in a faster way. All I had to do was make sure that I was honest and decent in all my transactions with clients, and that I deliver papers legally so as to avoid tarnishing the reputation I am starting to build.

After years of perseverance, I was finally able to build a steady network of clients, house listings, and even of reputable service companies necessary in home building – roofing companies, plumbing services, landscaping, etc.

Now that I am retired, I will always look back and say that my entering the real estate business was the best career choice I ever made.

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