Importance of Owning Realty NOW

Suze Orman, a financial adviser and host of “The Suze Orman Show,” once said:

Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.

This quote pretty much sums up the reason why NOW is always the right time to invest in a property.

To contextualize, NOW here does not necessarily mean today (although it is very much acceptable to do just so). NOW in the real estate world is almost like “always” or “immediately.”

Simply put, it is always a good time to invest in realty because it is the best and most useful investment one could ever have. Once you have the financial capacity to invest, get into the business immediately. There is no right or wrong moment to invest in real estate because every moment is an opportunity waiting to be taken.

If it will be your first time, start on a basic property – a house. This is a basic realty that everyone should be aiming to invest in. Owning your own home not only means you get to provide your family something that you actually own, but you also make sure that in the long run, you will have something to make money out of, by selling it for a great re-sale value.

Some people are always saying, “I’ll invest next time,” followed by several reasons why they are too scared to invest NOW. While reasons may be valid, what is not valid is prolonging your chance to get into the market as soon as possible.

Remember that amidst all the problems our country have, even when economic growth seems stagnant, the real estate industry continues to thrive because more and more people are having the financial capacity to enter it. If you leave yourself behind because of fears, then you might regret getting into the business a little too late.

If you are still scared despite the many good signs to invest NOW, you can always consult with a real estate agency. Search for reputable agencies in your local area and present to them your status. Hear them out and understand what they have to say regarding your capacity to invest in a house. Just make sure that you are with an agency that will give you the real talk, and not smooth talk you into buying a property without you completely understanding the financial implications.

Research is also key. Look up the trends, and check out house listings in your area and see if the price ranges are well within your capacity.

At the end of the day, you alone can tell if you are ready, take the leap with caution and you can be sure that you will be bound for financial success.

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