5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Effectively Grow Your Business

Social media marketing is a must in today’s online business arena if you want to build your brand, capitalize on opportunities it presents, and get people talking about you – in a positive way. The social media marketing tips below are essential to the success you experience with social marketing. If you haven’t started yet, you’ll definitely want to get involved after reading these tips!


Taking no action will get you exactly nowhere; the social web helps you develop a reputation (hopefully a good one), and gain potential customers’ trust. So, where do you start?

First, determine what your goals are. What do you expect to get out of social media marketing? Decide whether your primary goal is to build a relationship with those who are in need of your product/service (as in building a list), or whether you want to generate direct sales. Maybe you’re simply trying to offer your services, if you are a service provider. Whatever it is, know what you want to achieve before you begin.


Create great content. You can really figure out what kind of content your audience is looking for by learning where they “hang out.” Does the group of people who would be most in need of your offer spend time on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? Once you can see what type of content they’re interested in, you can work on continuously creating amazing content that will pique their interest again and again. This will help you build a loyal following!


Spend only 20% of your time self-promoting. I know, you would love to just promote, promote, promote – but that doesn’t work with social media, and will likely backfire on you. If you will spend a maximum of 20% of your time promoting your product/service or company and 80% being helpful and simply engaging in conversation, you’ll see great success.


Remember that quality is more important than quantity. Sure, everyone would love to have 20,000 followers – but it’s more important to have loyal followers who are highly engaged and loyal, even if the number of followers is far fewer than you would like. Don’t get hung up on numbers; concentrate more on giving those who are loyal what they’re looking for.

Avoid a hit-and-miss approach. It’s important with social media that you stick to a schedule; what you don’t want to do is spend half the day on social networking one day, then skip the next two or three days. You want to give your social media marketing activities attention each day, so allocate what times during the day will be best for you to devote a few minutes to your marketing, and stick to it. For instance, you may want to devote 10 minutes twice per day to Facebook, 5 minutes to Twitter. Choose a specific time of the day to set aside for these activities, and do it.


The internet is ever evolving, and things change at lightning speed. The most important thing you can do to be successful with social media marketing is to keep learning! I hope these 5 social media marketing tips will be of good use to you, helping you grow a long list of loyal customers.


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